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Internet Marketing Technical Training Video Course

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It's So Easy To Make Money Online Once You Know How To “BREAKTHROUGH” That Technical Barriers!



Dear Future Entrepeneur / Internet Marketing Specialist,

With internet you are able to reach every online users with so little money. And this is the most exciting time to make money online the smart way. Thousands of people from all around the world have set up successful small business websites, personal websites, and blogs to make money from the comfort of their home.

There are ‘Gurus’ out there who want you to leverage on their system so that everything becomes easier for you but end of the day, will you be able to learn about the technical aspect to become competent online? You will find yourself making someone business stronger or rich and not yourself. Isn’t this similar to your present JOB?

I can safely say that Online Marketing is probably one of the most incredible opportunity that most people will ever experience in their lifetime and yet it could also be the most frustrating journey that you can experience in your lifetime too.

I’m sure you have heard of all the hypes and have probably even seen all of the sales pages from Internet Marketers around the world that claims they are making incredible Jaw-dropping incomes just by using the Internet or the World Wide Web, and what a massive opportunity you are missing out if you don’t join them right now. Some even claimed that you can make the same kind of money with just ‘One-Click” of your mouse button. Seems familiar?

I bet it is even safe for me to say this is something that really excites you .   Business handshake

If you have read all the pitch from most sales pages, check out every single Big and Bold Benefits Laden Headline, read all of the wonderful sales page testimonials, and listen to all the incredible income claims, I’m sure it does seems like Anyone can actually accomplish these same results.

But seriously.. Does this really mean ANYONE?

I am guessing you are perfectly capable and ready to jump right in and Get-Things-Done but let me be the first to tell you good luck creating your new site or good luck preparing your PLR eBook for sales! I know! Let’s put the brakes on for just a minute and start this all over ok?

As someone new, you could have:

* drawn in by those incredible income claims being made online
* done some simple research…
* understood the concept of online Marketing…
* no doubt that you could make a tremendous income.
* thought you can get yourself noticed with a web presence.
* thought that you just need to set up a simple website.

Just like you, I was ASSURED about how easy this was going to be and I believed it…

But thinking the word easy was probably my first mistake…

I began finding Training courses and quickly finding myself stress out as I tried to understand the things they were trying to teach me.

I had to have an FTP program, I had to change the DNS settings for my domain, I was going to be doing some ‘simple’ HTML coding, working with WordPress, adding widget, changing themes, editing pictures…

“What in the world is this stuff?” I remember saying to myself. I had never heard any of these terms before in anything I had ever learned throughout my education. Everything quickly became very complicated.

The initial drive and enthusiasm that I had been feeling just days before was now being replaced by something that way too many people had become accustomed to, especially regarding the technical aspects of Internet Marketing. Enthusiasm is quickly replaced by Frustration and feelings of Failure. Is that what you are feeling now?

I bet if I were to ask you how many times have you come to that place in your life, you could quickly fill in a nice novel for me to read. Well just like most others I was ready to quit but something in me this time said that quitting was not acceptable and I refused to be beaten down once again.

I finally found the help I wanted through a great coach who taught me how to understand the technical terminology in simple and understandable language. He helped me get things going and really understand what I needed to do. My coach also showed me how to do a lot of outsourcing so that I didn’t have to do all the things I was preoccupied with.

Trust me when I say outsourcing is not easy or fun. Imagine the scenario below:

Let’s say you just do not understand something that needs to be done yourself, how are you going to explain it well enough to ensure the outsourcer does it the way you want it done?

What if your outsourcer does not get things done in a timely manner and you have to postpone your product launch which causes JV Partners to get a little upset because they have to reschedule your promotion? (Sometimes they don’t have an opening to reschedule you and you lose out on a boat load of money)

What if you can’t find someone to outsource your tasks when you need it the most?

So guess what usually happens when one of these 3 big bad situation arises? You need to settle down and just do it yourself like what I have to do previously….

So even though I do not enjoy the technical work I am still glad that I knew how to get it done when it is left to me. Sometimes I am even amazed at myself when I look back at what I have done.

With that being said let’s get you going!

“Hello there! My name is James Gavin and I work full time on the Internet, and as such many of them come to me asking how they can produce their own websites. Instead of trying to explain the basics to each of them, I tried to find a simple online tutorial to help them out. After some research I decided to create one. That is the story behind my latest project and this is the SOLUTION I have for you.

“It’s So Easy To Make Money Online Once You Know How To “BREAKTHROUGH” That Technical Barriers!”

Okay, here is your help…

My technical training blueprint was created in a way that “almost any beginner” would understand. That’s why I call it easy.

This Is Truly The Technical Training You Have Been Waiting For!

The most Up-to-Date 11 Modules of Step-by-Step Technical Training Video Tutorials on the Internet!

Systematic Internet Marketing Technical Training Video Course (104 videos in Total)

Domain Management and C-panel (12 videos)
WordPress Beginnings (13 videos)
Autoresponder Training – Managing your List (12 videos)
Creating Editing Websites & Download Pages (10 videos)
Basic Editing Graphics and Images ( 6 videos)
Tech Basics of FTP ( 7 videos)
Marketing Forums and Special Offers ( 9 videos)
Support Desk ( 3 videos)
WordPress Advanced ( 8 videos)
Google Services ( 8 videos)
Tech Side of Affiliate Marketing (16 videos)

It is my desire that whoever purchase this Systematic Internet Marketing Technical Training Video Course will connect with me for the betterment of our future.

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