Why Promote Your Business Using Professional Videos

Promote Your Business Using Professional Videos

Whether you’re a CEO of a Fortunate 500 Company or a local small business owner, marketing your products or services using a professional quality video can definitely equal the playing field!   While it’s a fact that larger companies have the luxury of having resources readily available to produce in-house viral videos, however, small businesses are no longer being left in the technological dark ages thanks to the help of affordable professional online video marketing services.


With the extensive advancements in broadband technology, combined with the catalyst of social media sites, small business owners are now reaping the same benefits as their competitor counterparts.  Marketing their own product or service with the help of professional video marketing services, small businesses are raking in increased revenue without exceeding advertising budgets!

So, as a small business owner you may ask, “Why should I use a video to market my product or service?”  Then you may immediately follow the question, even without thinking stating a common misconception: “I could never afford a professionally created video on my budget!”


First things first!  As mentioned earlier, faster broadband Internet services continue to bring the world into more and more homes across the country at the speed of reality.  As a result, more people are spending time watching online content, a large majority being online video clips.  In fact, Internet advertising is predicted to surpass the combined viewer rates of newspapers, cable TV, and broadcast TV eight times faster by the year 2012!

From a marketing perspective, this is even more incentive to use online videos to advertise your business.  Consumers are beginning to realize that they have more control over online videos, as opposed to TV, simply because Internet videos allows users to view what they want, when they want, and also, in what digital media format they want to watch video clips.  Business owners are also tuning into the success of the phenomena with projected online video ad sells to triple by 2011!

There are numerous ways in which to promote your video once it’s produced and you’re satisfied with the final product.  In addition to posting the video clip on a social networking site, you may place a link on your business’ website, add a link to your customized video in newsletters or insert your video link into e-mails when sending out mailings to customers.