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Top Web Hosting Reviews.

Top Web Hosting Reviews was created to help the everyday web master find the best web hosting company for his/her website. Our reviews are done manually and are open for comments by current and prior customers of the listed web hosting business. This blog puts extra effort into making these reviews fair and unbiased towards each hosting company we review. The purpose of this site is to review the top web hosting companies each year in the modern day hosting market

Choosing a web host guide.

Choosing the right web hosting provider is key to the success of your website. I have written this guide to help you decide on which host to go with. When choosing a host, you should consider the following key features: what their systems support, how reliable, how reputable, and how much?

A linux based host will almost always offer support for PHP, Perl, and MySQL. Most of the popular web scripts today run with a combo of PHP and MySQL. Be sure to check your script requirements before choosing the web host.
A windows web host will usually provide support for ASP, Cold fusion, and MsSQL. Usually people who choose a windows web host aren’t going to use the main stream web scripts available out there. The scripts they run are mostly custom made scripts designed specially for his/her website. Again, you will want to check the requirements out before deciding.


Host server reliability is a key requirement. If you plan to make any money off your website, being up at all times is crucial. If your website is down, you lose money. It is that simple. Look for a host that offers 99.5% + uptime SLA. While this won’t keep your site from going down, it forces your web host to continuously monitor their servers or else they will be refunding a lot of money to their customers.