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Adwords Campaign Expert

More traffic means increased opportunities for your business to make money.

Deep understanding of conversion/sales process online.

From driving targeted traffic through SEO / PPC efforts to testing various landing pages;

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Create an Adgroup with well researched Keywords, and write 2 or more killer Ad copies in your Adwords Campaign.

We strongly advise that you order the creating of multiple Adgroups or optimizing the existing campaign with up to 9 Adgroups.

If you want us to create/optimize more Adgroups, please order more per adgroup

NO AFFILIATES or Blackhat marketers please. O

Only people with real businesses should order this GIG!

We always advise to work with Google and not try to game the system.

Depending on your order, each Adwords campaign will have 1 or more Adgroups.
Each Adgroup will have related Keywords representing single product/service/brand and matching Ad copies.

If you want to run the campaign on Bing Ads oday(for Yahoo & Bing), this GIG is valid for that too.


Grow Your Leads & Sales with our
Pay Per Click (PPC) Service
  • Intensive PPC Research Report worth $499
    Click here to Submit your information and get a quote and our PPC specialist will contact you soon with a detailed website analysis report.
  • PPC Packages Starts from $249
    Our comprehensive PPC packages advertise your product for free and deliver competitive returns within timelines.
  • No Contract Required
    We don’t believe in binding our customers into a contract. Pay month-to-month, & stop when you want to.
  • No Hidden Costs
    We create customized PPC plans as per the requirements of the client without charging any extra money.
Bronze Package Silver Package Gold Package

Monthly Cost

$249 $499 $799
Website Analysis Right Right Right
Competitive Analysis Right Right Right
Account Setup Right Right Right
Tracking Code Setup Right Right Right
Keyword Research 249 799 2500
Ad copy creation Right Right Right
Ad Copy Testing Right Right Right
Geo Targeting Right Right Right
Local Search Campaigns Right Right Right
Budget Management Right Right Right
Bid Management Right Right Right
Landing page Consultation 1 2 5
Google Analytics code setup Right Right Right
Funnel Tracking Right Right Right
Traffic Tracking Right Right Right
Conversion Tracking Right Right Right
ROI Management Right Right
Weekly Report Right Right
Customer Support
Email support Right Right Right
Chat support Right Right

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