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SEO has become a necessity for online businesses rather than a solution. Marketers and entrepreneurs are aggressively looking for expert and knowledgeable Best SEO Marketing professionals to become visible on SERPs and earn revenue. Interestingly, several web development and web designing companies have morphed into Search Engine Marketing experts to meet clients’ requirements.

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[tab title=”1. Evaluation” ]

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Our Search Engine Optimization strategy planning and process generally begins after we are apprised of the aims & objectives of your website by filling in and submitting a brief Questionnaire Form followed by Evaluation of your Website. This is to build a unique Plan, necessary for genuine optimization. The foundation of a website, is crucial element which decides how a search engine spider and the user shall experience your site. Our comprehensive Website Evaluation service is a complete health check for your website focused towards building a friendly, technical and commercial relationship with the Search Engines and the Directories within the “Best International Practices”. Areas covered include: Search Engine Accessibility, Indexing & Rank Check, Download Time, Link Validity Check, Link Popularity Check and Meta Check.[/retinaiconbox]
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This step is designed to maximize the client’s online presence and cover the target market and audience effectively by choosing the right combination of Targeted Keyword / Key phrase and Search Engine/ Directories depending on your goal, service/ products offered and analyzing them on the basis of three important factors: Competitiveness, Popularity and Relevancy.

Identifying the target keywords /key phrases that your potentials customers are using to find your web site covering the products, services, information are absolutely essential for any on-line success. Target the wrong keyword and all our mutual efforts will be in vain.

Target Search Engines / Directories are identified after conducting an elaborate study of your target market & audience.

With the millions of web pages being added every day and to meet the increasing cost and quality of search experience, most of the top search engines and directories have introduced Subscription Based Indexing and Popularity Programme without compromising with the quality of website.

Our service also extends to consultancy and implemention of CPC, CPA, CPM, Paid Submission and Paid Placements. According to individual requirements, we also establish and manage an account for you with such paid search engines / directories. [gap][/retinaiconbox]
[tab title=”3. Optimization “]
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the first strategic move towards online marketing designed to help your potential customers find your website easily and quickly by using the web engines.

Our comprehensive search engine optimization services, depending upon commercial contract include but, not limited to following activities:

Meta Tag Optimization, Content Optimization, Code Optimization, Suggestion for Internal link structure optimization, Additional Domain Name Suggestion (if required), Additional Information Page Creation (if required)

Link Popularity

Most of the major search engines sweats to provide the best & the most useful sites to their users. Therefore search engines like Google, AltaVista now grant substantial weightage in ranking a site according to the number and quality of clean links available to a site from other reputed sites. Therefore, without substantial “Link Popularity” over a period of time, attaining and retaining a worthy rank for a durable period seems next to impossible. As a part of search engine optimization and positioning strategy our comprehensive link popularity package covers: –

Research, to prepare a list of relevant Website/ Directories/ Yellow pages, etc., from where the site can be linked.
Recommendation, to enhance the link popularity through your clients, vendors, affiliates partners, news release, etc.,
Submission, of optimized pages and sending emails to site owners/ webmasters requesting for the link. Periodical Status Report, on the activities.

Manual Submission

We do manual submission of optimized pages in Search Engines and Directories. We refrain from doing it through automated software which is often considered as Spam. We respect all engine submission guidelines. In respect of directories, we first find the most relevant category to which your site belongs and then submit it accordingly.


The maintenance phase includes monitoring of results for all the necessary steps our campaign contracted with you, monitoring fluctuations within the search engines, re-submitting the site wherever necessary, reporting periodical search engine ranking etc. Intelligent analysis of the web site visitors is an unavoidable necessity to let the web site owners organize their site according to the requirements of their potential customers, which otherwise don’t speak.

Those site owners who have experienced the results of such niche services and are whole heatedly implementing these are perhaps the companies which will be able to survive the challenges thrown open by the online competitors.