SECUREMOZ Easy to use tools for any IT/Security

SECUREMOZ  Easy to use tools for any IT/Security


Security threats come in many forms. vulnerabilities and security holes can impact your web services, from viruses to spyware these all can put you and your clients out of business, or DNS (Denial of Service).
Thats why Web Security Tools have gathered a team of expert IT specialists who have worked within industry leading providers to bring you these tools in one place, here is a small list of what you will find inside your dashboard:

Main Features:

  • Domain Tools as Who is lookup, Domain to IP, Domain Availability, IP Blacklist Check
  • MD5 Hash Tools with Virus Total API integration, Hash Generators
  • Virus Total Tools like Website Virus scan and MD5 single hash scan
  • Website Monitor uptime/ping/HTTP Status Code
  • MISC Tools such as Password Generator, Port Scanner, Grab External IP by URL, Credit Card Luhn Check
  • Easy install with simple steps using install.php
  • Table log of user logins and data modification
  • Dual-user permissions groups (admin and basic user accounts)
  • Admin Approvel prior to new user account setup
  • Captcha™ math problem on login/forgot/register pages to protect from brute force attacks
  • Full Feature Admin Section; with user management, additional logs, and panel settings
  • Clean user friendly interface
  • Highly configurable (Commented Code)
  • Email Alerts when website/ip goes offline.
  • Email Alerts when MD5 Scan is complete.


Easy to use tools for any IT/Security Professionals