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Q: Why do I need to optimize my site?
A: If your site is not optimized or not made qualified for the major search engines and directories, it cannot be indexed in their database and therefore shall not be visible to the searches of your products, services and information.
Q: How long after the web site is submitted will my site get indexed?
A: Depending on the Search Engine/ Directory, it normally takes any time from few weeks to 2 months to get indexed.
Q: Once registered in a Search Engine, how long will my site remain in its database?
A: Forever! Unless your URL is changed, site is not updated, site is down and produces 404 errors, paid subscription period is over etc. In general if it does not meet the changing criteria of Engines/Directories.
Q: How do I select the appropriate keyword(s) for my web site?
A: The keywords/ key phrase for your site should be selected on the basis of
two most important factors:
1. It should reflect your Product Offering/ Services/ Solution.
2. If the target market is region specific then you should include the name of the region. For example USA, UK, etc.

Due care should also be taken that neither these keywords/ key phrase should be too generic, since such keywords would not get you the required targeted traffic nor should it be too specific such as your
company name or trademark names.

E.g. Generic keywords: - computer, travel, hotel, software, internet
E.g. Specific keywords: - Dell (trademark of Dell Computer Corporation), Oracle9i (trademark of Oracle Corporation)

Q: My business is local or regional. Why should I list my website listed with search engines for the whole world to find me?
A: Yes prima facie you do not. But the fact is that about 85% of the traffic is generated by maximum 8/10 International Engines/directories as of the date and these Search tools have become so near and dear that even local or regional web users search in these Engines/Directories. If your business is regional or local, more specific keywords / phrases are to be used to attract your targeted customers out of billions of pages. For example, take a real estate site of a Florida company. It would be necessary to select more drilled down phrases like: "real estate in Florida" or "Property dealer Florida", etc. In times to come indexing only with the Regional Version of major engines might also work but how long one can wait that to happen is a major threat. Famous Local & Regional sites are welcome to email us for free Reciprocal Links with non-competitive but relevant & famous site. This is quite helpful.
Q: Search engines are always changing their formula. Do you have to submit frequently?
A: Yes! Our monthly search engine resubmission package takes care of that.
Q: Why is it so hard to get listed in the search engines?
A: Their business growth depends upon providing best sites to their users in return to the keywords searched for. But to develop and maintain a "Best Site" cost money, time and knowledge. Not every site owner does this. So there is another class of SEO/ SEPs who discover illegal and unethical means to register such site against nominal fee. In order to protect their Online Search Business against such methods they go on refining and fine-tune their terms and conditions. This is one of the major reasons. To know other technical and commercial reasons you are welcome to surf through the site.
Q: What's the difference between a search engine and a directory?
your page, take relevant information from it and store it in their database. Search engines send "spiders" or automated tools to your site. They read the text and other elements of your site and if found according to their formula, stores in it's data base. Engines provide much wider option for search by fresh searchers. For directory search The Searcher need to know specific category of the product and service to begin search. This is quite a lengthy but educative subject. You are welcome to surf through the site and also look through the "Resource Pages. We attempt to link from their best current articles concerning Search Engine Optimization.
Q: My web site is already listed with search engines, but not in the top 30, can you still help me?
A: Yes, we can. You are welcome to send a request for our Free Ranking Repot to know what can and should be done.
Q: Will you work with our Webmaster or web hosting company?
A: Yes. The Internet survives on the philosophy of co-operation and we honor that.
Q: How do you determine your pricing structure?
A: Price depends upon many factors. In a nutshell, the amounts of time spent by our various levels of Knowledge Human Resource determine our modest charges. We strive to offer good value and a good return on your investment if the site owner and his off line marketing experts actively co-operate in planning. Some of our initial Pricing Packages may also be evaluated.
Q: How much does a search engine optimization campaign cost?
A: Please see the above answer.
Q: I am still confused. Can you answer a few more questions without obligation?
A: You are welcome to Contact us with your concerns at any time before, during and after the campaign.
Thanking you for visiting this site.
Your suggestions to improve upon are also welcome
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