Rich Snippets in WordPress

A Beginner’s Guide to Add Rich Snippets in WordPress

Adding Rich Snippets in WordPress Using All in One Rich Snippets Plugin:


First of all you need to install and activate the All in One Rich Snippets plugin in you WordPress. After activation, click on Rich Snippets icon in your WordPress sidebar menu. Now you will be redirected to All in One Rich Snippets Dashboard.

Here you will see different content types that you can add rich snippets using this plugin. It includes:

  • Item Review
  • Events
  • Person
  • Product
  • Recipe
  • Software
  • Software Application
  • Video
  • Article


All in One plugin automatically adds a new configure rich snippets box in post editor of your WordPress. Using that box you can add rich snippets in any of your post or article. Inside, Configure rich snippets box you will see a drop down menu where you can select the content type of the post that you are writing currently.

After selecting content type, it will show related rich snippets fields that you need to fill to show them in search engines. For example, i selected “item review” content type. I need to fill there Reviewer name, item name & star rating fields.
After filling up all the fields just publish the post, rich snippets markup will be automatically added by the plugin. You are not required to fill up all fields there, just fill only those which you want to show in search results. It will be better if you fill up all the fields.

Search engines don’t show rich snippets instantly to your posts in search results. So, How would you know  that your rich snippets are configured correctly or not.  There is tool available called Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to check it.  You just need to simply go to the Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and paste your post link in first box or click in fetch URL link there to enter your post URL.  Now click on the validate button and the tool will show that rich snippets are configured correctly or not in second box.


Note: All in One Rich Snippets Plugin will only insert the necessary markups to show rich snippets in the search results but it does’t guarantee that your post will show rich snippets because final decision is taken by Google and other search engines.

I hope this article helped you to add Rich Snippets in WordPress. There is many other plugins available to add rich snippets in WordPress like rich contact widget, Google SEO Pressor for Rich snippets etc. but All in One Rich Snippets plugin is best of all. Because it’s easy to configure and provide more features compared to other plugins.  So, i recommend to use All in One Rich Snippets Plugin to add rich snippets in WordPress. Please share this article with your friends if it helped you and also leave your feedback on this article using comments.