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QR Offline Marketing WordPress Plugin

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Unique Wordpress Plugin For Offline Marketers That Creates Coupons Including Qr Code Image.


QR Offline Marketing  WordPress Plugin




Expand Your Market Offline

This is your chance to take any of your online offers, services, products and make effective direct-response ads with embedded QR codes that will redirect all readers into viewers and than into leads & customers!

Tap The Largest Industry Ever!

A new Billion Dollar industry has opened up – Mobile Marketing! Combine that with your offline marketing efforts and you will increase your online traffic and leads from advertising offline and redirecting to website via phone!

Your Local Marketing Secret

You have just found your local marketing secret – this tool will help you create offline ads that are embedded with your QR code with instructions how to print and effective techniques on advertising uses in your area!

The Perfect Local Marketing Tool

All-in-one area you will have all the tools required to create a entire advertisemnt that you can use to gain a new avenue of traffic to your online offers, services and products. This really is your secret weapon.

Digital Media With Offline Ads

Combine the two powerful mediums to display your marketing strategy: online digital media (videos, websites, etc) with offline print-advertisement. This is a very easy and simple way to start a new marketing approach.

Simple, Local DIY Marketing

Simple. Local and you can Do-it-Yourself all with the power of this one simple tool to create QR Offline Marketing Advertisements that you can create on the fly without any effort. It’s all built-in and easy to use.

Power of Smart-Phones

Harness the power of smart-phones through the very popular QR Codes (a scannable code that will redirect your leads to your website or video). It’s very simple and all the advertisement editors utilize the power.

Very Flexible and Easy-to-Use

Use the built-in Flash editors to create offline ads. The flash editors allow you to change the text, border, arrows and upload your own custom QR code image (there’s an editor for that too!) It’s flexible and easy-to-use!

Need Help? Watch Quick Video

When you need help you can watch the help video that will showcase how-to use the editors, qr code image creation and much more. We have tried to make it very easy for you to create easy and effective offline ads.


Built-In Help Files

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