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Professional Sales Pages WordPress Plugin

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Use Built-In Flash Graphic Creators to Create Custom Graphics & To Build Professional Sales Pages Instantly With Ease In WordPress

Premium WP Plugin

Quick and easy install on any of your wordpress blogs and you have access to create new “Ultimate Sales Pages” Each page is independent using pretty URLs.

Ultimate Sales Pages

Each page you create is outside of your regular posts and is a individual page to be standalone professionally designed sales page.

Create Unlimited Pages

Does not interfere with your current blog content, creates seperates posts that are for Sales Pages only so you can create unlimited independent sales pages.


Built-in Graphic Creator

For all beginners who need graphical headers you can use the built-in header creator. Select Background, Headline Layout, Custom Text and more!

Custom Header Graphic

Use graphic editor to make your own custom header graphic that is designed to convert and easily customize for your product, offer or service.

Fully Customizable

Fully customizable, using flash graphic creator as well as customizing the header, feature boxes, add your own content and more.


Customize Settings

Upload your own logo, change background, typography (using Google Fonts) and much more to have a professional sales page.

Unique Graphic Editors

Completely unique Flash Graphic Editors that are designed for the Ultimate Sales Page with unique types of graphics to create.

Works on Any Blog

Using the WP plugin will work in any wordpress blog installation without interfering with your current blog posts or pages.


Use Built-In Flash Graphic Creator to Create Custom Images & Save & Upload to See On Your Sales Page Instantly

Create Custom Header Graphics on The Fly

Inside your wordpress plugin you can open up the Flash Graphic Editor that will give you the ability to close Photoshop and work on creating your own stunning headline graphic. Choose the background, headline layout, customize the text, add an overlay graphic and even change the bullet icons. It’s all super easy and changes take place instantly. Once you are happy with your graphic you can upload it to your page and it will appear right away.

Create Multiple Feature Bullet Points

A very unique graphic editor that will help you create multi-line (up to 3) feature bullet points. Change the icons, text layout, custom text and even change the background to give it a unique style and feel. This is the perfect editor to make quick simple feature bullet points to help describe your product, offer or service. It’s very easy and just like the header editor, once you are happy; hit save and upload. You can upload multi-lines with up to 9 bullet points!

Create High Converting Buy Now Boxes

Complete your ultimate sales page with the easy to use Buy Now Box editor. This will allow you to change the background, text layout and even the buy now button color. Edit the text on fly without trouble. Then save your buy now graphic, upload and add your own Payment link. Then see it appear on your sales page instantly. It’s all made very easy with the Ultimate Sales Page graphic editing process!


Build Professional and Complete Sales Pages Uses Powerful Graphic Editors to Make it Very Simple, Easy and Fast!

You can build complete sales pages like the above example, but you have the freedom to create unlimited styles, with your custom logo and content. You can make unlimited pages for you or your clients from any wordpress blog. Use multiple blogs or control hundreds from an existing blog WITHOUT affecting your current wordpress theme or with other plugins. This is your secret weapon to create ultimate sales pages without photoshop!

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