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Promote Your Crowdfunding, Fundraiser Or Charity



Promote Your Crowdfunding, Fundraiser Or Charity


Do you have a campaign on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, or other crowdfunding websites? Do you have a charity, fundraiser, or trying to raise funds for someone you care about?

If you need help with marketing your Crowdfunding page or Charity, I can help!

Social media & crowdfunding go hand in hand. I have over 25,000 REAL followers (Updated count: December 2016) on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + who are a niche audience that are interested in philanthropy, love seeing new concepts, ideas and are generally interested in donating.

I use #hashtags and mentions to get your message to show up in social searches, feeds, search engine listings and other company pages BEYOND just my social media pages alone.

Exposure is key, so promoting to our social media outlets will help sprea

d the word about your campaign! 

Disclaimer: We can’t guarantee that you will get funded and can’t force people to like or fund your campaign. However, we can reassure you that you will have a greater chance of being seen by the right crowd.

Jump start your campaign exposure with my crowdfunding marketing services today!

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