Online Video Marketing is a Worthwhile Investment

Video Marketing Worthwhile Investment

Today’s economy requires affordable, cost-effective marketing.  Online video is a popular growing trend and easily accessible marketing tool for anyone.  The popularity of online videos has skyrocketed as the Internet provides a new, innovative way to advertise to a wider audience.   Don’t just tell people about your business – SHOW THEM!  We’re now a society watchers, not readers, making video a perfect option.


We watch billions of videos online. Over 50% result in action after seeing an online video, 28% seek more information, while 16% buy.  We only remember 10% of what we read, however, 75% acts on video information 72% quicker than print.  Also, customers want content that speaks directly to them.  Streaming video provides information with a more personal connection.  Business owners soon learn that their website is a virtual 24/7 sales channel.

Tracking performance of marketing opportunities is also essential.  You should use analytic tools that measure the results of any campaign.  Useful analytical data about your online video will include the tracking of viewer activity in real time and provide data such as the total number of views your video received and how many viewers watched to completion.

More broadband access, lower production costs and rising demand means quality video is now affordable for most businesses, allowing the little guy to compete with the big boys to reach virtually anyone.  Customers can gain a feel for your business without being there and should show your company’s personality and a behind-the-scenes look at YOU.

Video marketing is an investment that can quickly pay for itself, unlike other forms of advertising – where you pay over and over.  Online video is a digital asset you can own with no expiration date!