Online Video is the Leader of Future Marketing

Video is the Leader of Future Marketing

With more and more online videos becoming accessible to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection offering information on products and services into the comforts of your home, and advertisers are definitely taking notice! An increasing number of business owners investing in online videos soon find success by promoting their product or service. Online videos are a win-win for everyone!

Statistical results gathered from qualified online users continue to climb at overwhelming rates from specific respondents reporting to watch online videos. A collaborative study by Google and Bing recently conducted by the information group TNS yielded encouraging results for business owners considering an online marketing campaign.

Statistics concluded that 75% of the respondents reported viewing more videos online compared to that of a year ago. Even more encouraging results for indecisive advertisers debating on whether or not to launch an online video marketing campaign are that over half of the respondents anticipate watching more online videos in the next year.

While some skeptics may doubt the real success of online video marketing, statistical results prove otherwise. Respondents of the survey report that they feel as though they are better able to make more informed and empowered decisions by watching video ads online when compared to ads viewed on television.

In fact, 78% of respondents reflect that online video ads provide as much, and often more, of an opportunity to learn about a specific product or service rather than watching ads on television. Unlike television commercials, viewers have complete control over online videos, watching online ads at the viewers’ convenience.

Furthermore, 63% of the survey participants prefer video sites to host advertising, specifically if ads help keep content free.

The survey statistics also reveals additional pros for business owners opting to advertise using online videos:

• 64% took action after seeing an online video
• 44% visited the advertisers Web site
• 33% searched for a product or service
• 22% visited an offline retail store
• 21% discussing the advertised product with friends or family

Up until recently major television broadcast networks have set the bar for grand scale technique using online videos, however, small business owners are now able to establish an edgy and professional online presence at very affordable prices.

As the technological world continues to spin beyond the speed of light, business owners are constantly looking for marketing strategies to attract and appeal to new and existing consumers. The solution is simple: Online videos are categorically the leader of future marketing!