How to simply Send out Individuals to Your Merch By Amazon T-Shirts Shop

A method I encourage my Merch By Amazon T-shirts is I develop tees which i really wish to don myself.

I’ll strategically don it to an area in which I do know Some others may well be interested. If I’m lucky, I’ll obtain a…

“Hey! The place did you will get that shirt from?”

As you may visualize, it’s not extremely practical to convey “Go to and hunt for [this search term].”


As well as, in the event you help it become too tough, they’ll be more unlikely to consider motion.

I make use of a selected domain name for that shirts and the straightforward Azon (no affiliation) WordPress affiliate plugin to incorporate the shirts to a WordPress website page. Then I forward the domain to that website page.

I received this plugin free of charge in exchange for an assessment 3-4 a long time ago, so I hardly ever really acquired it.


Actually, I’m nevertheless utilizing the older Variation because I hardly ever received entry to the improve. So I am able to’t actually tell you A great deal about the most up-to-date Variation.

But in the event you don’t wish to purchase a plugin, no worries. There are plenty of no cost WordPress Amazon plugins You need to use.

Amazon also came out with their official plugin last year, and I built a video regarding how to utilize it.

And Certainly! You can use your affiliate inbound links when marketing your Merch shirts.

I’ve tracked this when marketing shirts on Facebook, and the (extremely little) 🙂 Fee did occur as a result of. I also saw very little from the conditions that says You can not do this.

Just you should definitely set up a tracking ID like I demonstrate from the video over so you’re able to keep track of the product sales.
Producing The Link Effortless to recall

The ultimate way to do This is often to acquire a website name which include and simply set up a forward at your domain registrar to go for your precise website page While using the tees.

Ninety-nine per cent of domain registrars give no cost forwarding lately.

So as opposed to making use of, you send out individuals to and it forwards to regardless of what URL your shirts are hosted on.

This idea might not seem sensible for all your Merch shirts. Just do it for those you recognize that you could be verbally marketing once you’re out and about.
Do You employ The Same Brand Title?

If you use the exact same brand name for all your shirts on Merch By Amazon, the backlink to that Brand Title on really works and you may just use that.

That’s great for email messages and blog site posts, although not so perfect for verbal advertising since the backlink is so long.

You could make use of the domain forwarding idea over so redirects to that brand URL.