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GIFT SET CLUB usually compromise of a perfume and other items that have the same fragrance like a body lotion, shower gel, talcum powder or soap. When you give perfume gift sets, definitely your recipient will feel very special. After all, who doesn’t like to smell god all day long?

For some instances, you may notice that after a couple of hours some fragrances fade away. That is why, as an initial reaction, you then reapply your perfume. Well, that routine can be changed. The alternative you can do is to try layering. It simply refers to using a variety of products with the same scent or simply called as perfume gift sets that usually contain perfume, lotion, shower gel, soap and talcum powder. The scent of each product lingers for different time frame. As a result of doing so, you will smell good for a longer span of time.


GIFT SET CLUB are always considered as a perfect present. Why? It is because if you are not quite sure what to give to your friendly next-door neighbour or colleagues, perfume gift sets are safe for you to gift. Not only perfume gift sets contain several items but also the fact that buying such is a good holiday-savers.

Looking for a great gift idea will not be an exhausting task for you anymore. By just heading to the perfumery section, you will then find a perfume gift sets. One more thing is that those kinds of gifts are already packed with great packaging which means you do not have to buy any gift wrappers or boxes for you to prepare your gift.

So are you ready to buy those perfume gift sets? If so, you must know how to choose perfume for others. Below are some tips you can read on:

How to Choose Perfumes for Others

Actually, there are lots of things you have to put into consideration when buying perfume for siblings, husbands, wives, relatives and friends. You have to know the personal preference of those individuals when it comes to scents. Of course, it is for sure that you wouldn’t want to give a woody scent to a person who likes floral scent, right? You have to pay attention to what they like or else, you are just wasting your money and time buying unwanted scents. So to give you an idea, here’s a list of things you must know:

Conduct some research. Find out what’s the person’s favorite smell, color, flower, style or even celebrity.
Do not choose a perfume that smells good on you. Bear in mind that different people have different preference and that everyone’s skin reacts differently to a certain perfume.

You may invite that particular person to a perfumery section and together test the perfumes and watch their reaction so you will be able to know what’s good for him and what’s not.
During a casual conversation, you may ask the person and you have to appear as if you are just asking for the sake of chatting.
“Fresh scents” are one of the scents that critics claim to never fail because they smell like soap and clean air.

After knowing the preferred scent of the person, the next thing you have to consider is the price of the perfume gift sets you are about to give. Well, certainly, perfume gift sets are more practical to buy compare to buying just a single bottle. Why? It is because an estimated price of a decent bottle of perfume can range from $25 to $85 depending on the designer, size and location where you purchase. Whereas decent perfume gift sets can range from $30 to $100 depending on the same factors stated above. See, you pay more for just a single gift while you get more for purchasing a not so pricey perfume gift sets. It’s like paying less for a greater value.