Video Advertising To Dominate Online Ads

Video Advertising

Like almost all videos on the World Wide Web, video advertising is increasingly becoming virulent as well.  And this may be a good thing, especially if you want your ads to reach the highest number of “quality” audiences possible.  And by quality audiences, we mean people who do have the money to spend and are more than interested in acquiring whatever product or service you are offering. According to online surveys, Internet surfers are more likely to click on these video ads than they would the usual banner or text ads.  In fact, it is said that many people like watching “appealing” videos over and over … and that translates to getting a good number of clicks or “hits.”  And we all know that when it comes to Internet marketing, the most number of hits garner the most number of sales.



It is also said that even if the video advertising effort is not that appealing to the audience, a good percentage of the video is watched regardless, making it still a lot more effective in terms of hit count than banner and text ads.

Many people are now contemplating whether or not video advertising will be the next big thing when it comes to online marketing.  Apparently, the consensus is a resounding “YES!”.  There will always be some skeptics in this field, but the truth is, more and more web video ads are cropping up everywhere.  These are quickly replacing the banner ad spaces and the in-line text ad spaces.  In fact, two of the online corporate giants are making use of video advertising to their greatest advantage.  These are and  However, other sites like are also using video ads in their email layouts.

There is another great and possibly inadvertent benefit to using video ads; and that is acquiring instant front page ranking in search engines results pages or SERP.  You might have noticed that a number of videos usually enter the top 10 slots of the SERP.  Some of these videos can be rightfully categorized as online marketing efforts, even if they seem to be homemade.  As long as the video carries the pertinent information the consumer would want, plus a working link to the company’s website, then it can be classified as a video ad.  Likewise, if the company is rather small, or works on a one-person entrepreneurial run, this simple fact can help the company save money on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) endeavors.

Speaking of homemade videos, this poses as another reason as to why videos ads are most likely to dominate online marketing channels in the future. As all business entities know, costs play a huge factor when it comes to delivering goods and services to the targeted audiences. And yes, advertising in both online and offline markets will amount to shelling out a lot of dough. But if you compare marketing rates from the tri-media sector (TV, print, and radio), putting up online videos is not only cheaper, easier and faster; but the business entity who owns the videos have complete control over the production process as well.