How to Use Internet Video Marketing

Internet Video Marketing

Videos remain one of the most powerful tools available in social media marketing.

The use of web videos for marketing is becoming easier and more effective continuously as production techniques become more affordable and advanced. Video content sites such as Video Jug and YouTube are also growing rapidly and receiving greater shares of traffic visitors each month.


Assembling a video with inexpensive digital camera or video equipment has become something available to just about everyone now. You are able to embed links to your video into your e-newsletters and business e-mails. You can also post them at your website and blogs making those sites more appealing for your visitors. You can also link back to the videos in forums that discuss content pertinent to your business. More significantly, you are able to post your videos to your profile pages on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. These backlinks from high authority sites are what generates the enormous traffic back to your website.

Internet video marketing is most successful when you do three things with it.

First, you will need to be relentless and steady. It is unlikely that one or two videos will greatly yield impressive sales figures. Youll want to launch yourself as a video presence that people return to over and over again. You will also need to get all of your videos uploaded to as many different sites as possible. When you research these websites online, youll discover a broad range of them. You must make sure, however, that a particular site does not require exclusivity or copyrights to the video, unless you make a video that you think conforms to that site particularly well.

Secondly, you should make certain that your videos jump out. Among the drawbacks of the coming of video marketing is that so many people are using it. This makes videos all seem to look alike. You need to make sure that your videos dont blend in with the crowd. Take a look at some videos about similar products or services. Which ones stand out to you? Remember, youll want your videos to be more professional, informative, or funnier than the videos of your competitors. Just make sure that you invest some pre-production planning into these brief video commercials.

Finally, make certain you give your videos relevant tags. You will be able to find sites online that list the most recent hot keywords and keyword phrases. Select those that most nearly relate to your marketing niche and tag your videos with them.